Monique’s beautiful matric dance

Monique is such an elegant young lady. She really made my job easy with her matric dance photos. It is a tad late on my blog, things have been super busy here with us.

The photos were taken at the beautiful Casablanca Manor in Donkerhoek.

Have a look at her photos


vanilla-silk_poisonivy_cosplay_0132 vanilla-silk_poisonivy_cosplay_0133 vanilla-silk_poisonivy_cosplay_0134 vanilla-silk_poisonivy_cosplay_0135 vanilla-silk_poisonivy_cosplay_0136 vanilla-silk_poisonivy_cosplay_0137 vanilla-silk_poisonivy_cosplay_0138 vanilla-silk_poisonivy_cosplay_0139 vanilla-silk_poisonivy_cosplay_0140 vanilla-silk_poisonivy_cosplay_0141 vanilla-silk_poisonivy_cosplay_0142 vanilla-silk_poisonivy_cosplay_0143 vanilla-silk_poisonivy_cosplay_0144 vanilla-silk_poisonivy_cosplay_0145

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