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A boudoir with gorgeous Nadya in Pretoria

A boudoir with gorgeous Nadya in Pretoria.

Say hi to one of my preferred make up artists. This is Nadya, she owns Blush Professional Make Up

We did the photoshoot at Ivory and Alabaster again and once again I was not disappointed.

How the photoshoot came about it actually quite a funny story. I had booked a test shoot for the venue with a friend of mine and she could not do the shoot anymore because she had to go to hospital. Nadya was doing make up at the time for a client of mine and I read the WhatsApp to her feeling very disheartened. Nadya piped up that she will would do it.

Before I even gave her a chance to reconsider it was done. Nadya was booked and we were going to have a great time.

Now, like most people Nadya had her reservations and I could see this shoot is desperately needed, she just doesn’t see herself the way everyone else does.

The day of the shoot arrived and Nadya was GLORIOUS! She nailed all the poses I had her in and she totally blew me away with her “sexy eyes”.

Have a look for yourself

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A fun little water boudoir photoshoot in Pretoria

A fun little water boudoir photoshoot in Pretoria. Maryke booked me during lock down to help support me, we all know lockdown was terrible for small businesses and photographers really struggled without being able to photograph people.

It wasn’t just the restrictions but fear for my own health that had me postpone my shoots, but postponed shoots also means very little income during the lockdown.

I am forever grateful for clients like Maryke who continued to support me on one of my specials.

Maryke and I came up with this awesome idea to do a charcoal water photoshoot with red roses. We couldn’t find the roses so we settled for daisies.

We used Blue Diamond Boutique Hotel for the photoshoot, their rooms are stunning and their bathrooms are perfect for what we wanted to achieve. Have a look at booking them if you are keen for a quick getaway that is not too far from the city.

Maryke was such a pleasure to work with, even dunking her head under the water to get that perfect shot.

At the end we decided to get a funky/scary shot in.

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Kim’s fabulous boudoir shoot

Kim’s fabulous boudoir shoot.

I have been wanting to shoot with Kim for a while nowso when the time came around I was so excited to be doing the shoot.

This shoot is particularly special because it was done at a venue I had never tried before and I am BLOWN away with what magic it provided.

The venue is in Pretoria , Rooihuiskraal to be exact and it is called Ivory and Alabaster. It is right above a stunning dress maker called The Maiden .

Kim is a stunning plus size lady who owns her body. She is a dream to photograph, and like most clients, got warmed up after the first few photographs.

This is what Kim had to say about her shoot:

“I honestly can’t believe that’s me and that I LOVE the way I look. Normally with boudoirs etc I try and hide my stomach and some bits I don’t like etc with poses and so. I love every single one of those. I love every single one of the photos and poses everything!!!”

You are very welcome Kim, I live for these comments and feedback. I really do.

Boudoirs are my everything next to my kids and my goofy husband.

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Stellenbosch, oh how I love you, and Candice in the shadows (Boudoir)

Candice is a fellow photographer so taking her boudoir photos was quite a big deal for me!

She is such a lovely bubbly gorgeous woman and I am so so so so glad I got to photograph her.

We have become friends who frequently comment on each other’s Facebook posts, and support each other fully.

I hope I get to show you some more of her gorgeous face in future photographs

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The bravest woman part 2 : Angela’s Boudoir

This incredible woman started off as a client and is now a dear friend.

She has overcome something huge. Cancer. In spite of the other C word (Covid).

This was Angela’s pre-mastectomy photo-shoot where we celebrated her beautiful womanly form and bid farewell to her bosoms.

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The bravest woman ever, Angela… you have to read her story

This is Angela. She has cancer.

This is Angela. She is brave

This is Angela. She kind.

She doesn’t ever ask for anything

She is always smiling

She contacted me a few years ago wanting to do a boudoir shoot but she kept putting it off until she was happy with her body.

She contacted me again a few months ago asking for prices for a boudoir shoot, we got to talking and she told me she wants to do the shoot before her hair falls out and before her mastectomy.

I do a passion project a year for cancer, and no one deserves it more than Angela.

This was the main focus of our shoot. We wanted to create ONE piece that Angela could always look back on to remind herself how beautiful she is.
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