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The bravest woman ever, Angela… you have to read her story

This is Angela. She has cancer.

This is Angela. She is brave

This is Angela. She kind.

She doesn’t ever ask for anything

She is always smiling

She contacted me a few years ago wanting to do a boudoir shoot but she kept putting it off until she was happy with her body.

She contacted me again a few months ago asking for prices for a boudoir shoot, we got to talking and she told me she wants to do the shoot before her hair falls out and before her mastectomy.

I do a passion project a year for cancer, and no one deserves it more than Angela.

This was the main focus of our shoot. We wanted to create ONE piece that Angela could always look back on to remind herself how beautiful she is.
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Camelia Graces our camera again

We could photoshoot Camelia again and again.

We absolutely adore this woman! She answered another one of our model calls and we were so happy she did. She rocked out winter warmer themed photoshoot!

You will also recognise her from our video

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Christin…. the one who saved the day !

I had a model call a while back to do our video (which I will be publishing soon yeah!). I had secured two models (Camelia’s is in another blog post) and the other model had some personal issues and couldn’t make it (unfortunately she could only tell me on the day of the shoot).

I put out an urgent request for another model as I had already arranged a hotel and make up artist.

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A unique home with a unique lady, Lady Lee’s boudoir

I have been dying to get more creative, being allowed to shoot at your home allows me into your space and pushes me as a photographer to capture you in your element.

Lady Lee, a close friend and repeat client, has the most amazing unusual home.

I could not pass up on the this opportunity to photograph this pink haired beauty in her stunning house with antiques and greens.

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What are our model calls?

If you follow me on Facebook or Insta you will see that I sometimes do model calls.

These are not calls for actual models signed with agencies, my favourite kind of models are real women. Not just plus size, not just slim, and trim, not just camera ready or “photo-genic” – see I don’t believe in “your good side” or people being “photo-genic”. I show you what others see, what I see when I look at your beauty.

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Why I was hesitant to do a boudoir… and why some of my client’s haven’t booked yet

It was 2014 , August 2014 and I found a website when I was stalking other photographers. You see I had just resigned to be a photographer full time and I was looking for inspiration.

And then I found it, my heart pounded, I was totally addicted to the pictures that were unfolding on my screen.

As each image loaded my mouth hung lower and lower, my eyes grew so big, my fiance (now husband) had such a giggle, thinking I saw a ghost.

There was this beautiful tattoo’d goddess on my screen, beautiful brown locks and posed on a chair in an elegant hotel room.

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Carla’s breathtaking boudoir

Carla is a photographer herself and came with so many stunning ideas – she really pushed my photography limits 🙂

I lit our fireplace and tried to get some winter warmer photos with Carla, her inspiration for her shoot was a typical warm, comfortable day at home in slippers and pajamas.

Make up by Jackie from Perfectly Polished

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