I am very proud to announce that we now offer a Basics to Boudoir Photography workshop.

It was only a natural step for me to combine my love for boudoir photography and my love for training.  I am a qualified trainer and love teaching people, there is no greater satisfaction then seeing someone further their skills and improve their lives.


Training was awesome, wouldn’t change a thing! Had a real blast and learned a lot! Now to improve on my own skills.

Stay the amazing person you are, your really the best in boudoir and I would love to do more workshops with you.

Vanilla Silk_Boudoir_Workshop_0004

We also offer one-one-one discussions where you can ask me anything over a delicious cup of coffee and chocolate cake.

If the group workshop isn’t your thing we can also arrange a one-on-one workshop (with a model) so you can get my undivided attention. You will also get a training manual with trade secrets.

Our next workshop is on 2 April 2017. Get your bookings in early!

Contact us on to make your booking today!

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