Why I don’t give my unedited images or RAW files

Firstly there is a difference (in my eyes) to unedited images and RAW files. In my eyes a RAW file is my direct file from my camera in its RAW format, this is not in JPEG or PNG and it is quite large compared to other photos. It also needs a special program to open (especially when shooting with a Fujifilm camera like I do). An unedited image can also be in RAW format or it could be provided in JPEG – which can be sized.


I have noticed a trend where photographers are offering RAW files, and as trends go the general public requests it from other photographers too. Why can’t we all just give our unedited, raw images?


Well, I for one like to think that my finished product is what attracted you to my website. That you like my work, that includes all the editing I did to get the image to where it is now. If you want to see exactly why I cant give you my RAW images keep reading.

This painting by Louis Smith shows the stages that an artwork goes through:

Now I like to think of my work as art, with its stages, the first being the RAW/unedited stage, the second is the in process LightRoom phase and then I use Photoshop for the final image.

I understand that you think you may want my unedited images, because you have Photoshop and you would like to edit them. But that is like asking a chef for his recipe so that you can change the cake from chocolate to red velvet. I hope you are on my website because you like my work, that work takes time to produce. I remove things I wouldn’t want in my photos.

I have done a quick comparison for you, so you can see my RAW/Unedited photos vs my finished photo:

*************** Edit 1 **************

This is Salome, she gave me permission to show you this edit.

I first lightened the image slightly, then I smoothed her skin (this editing is included in all my packages). I enhanced the natural colour of her eyes. Then I added shadows and highlighted certain parts of her skin (I do this for a a lot of my boudoir clients). I removed the scar’s and imperfections as per Salome’s request.

Then we played around a little and ever so lightly enhanced her lips and cheek bones (once again with her requesting me to do so).

**disclaimer** I do not remove scars with out your permission and I also do not use any photoshop tools to take away that which is you. Salome wanted me to define her lips which I did but I do not do this to clients. What you see in the end product is all you, just smoothed a little.

Edit 1 – Salome’s before and After


*************** Edit 2 **************

Below is a photo from a recent wedding, it is relatively less editing (this is why the price per photo is a tad cheaper than that of my boudoir photos)

I slightly removed Chris’s red skin (it was a SCORCHER of a day) and I took away some of the viscous stubble. Ariska was not happy with her make up (and it was done super early that day) so I softened her skin a little bit and just added her eye shadow back. I enhanced the sun’s beautiful warmth and I enhanced the greenery.




Edit 2 – A simple wedding edit – Before and After

*************** Edit 2 **************

The last “”before and after is of your’s truly. Here I could go crazy and show you how I would edit a REALLY close up “beauty shot”. Make up by the talented Salome from Pink Hotness Beauty Boutique.

I lightened the image a bit in photoshop and changed a few things, then I enhanced the colour of the eyes and removed skin blemishes (I have a really hard time with stress and I was sick that day so I had a chaffed nose to deal with). I added some shading to my nose/cheeks and just above my lips. I also removed a stray fly away hear or two and som random black glitter that got on my face.

The biggest change to me was my skin, I removed the pores that were staring at me and shouting “this is what smoking 20 a day in your early 20’s will do to you!”.

Edit 3 – Close up edit before and after


Now that you see my process and understand why I edit and only provided edited images I hope this helps you make your decision on which photographer to choose. I spend hours on editing. The easiest part of my job is the taking of the photos, the marketing and editing is the real time stealer.

Please take note that I do not proclaim myself a master retoucher, I merely edit the photos in the way I want my style to be reflected in my end product

xxx Welcome to my world xxx



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