What are our model calls?

If you follow me on Facebook or Insta you will see that I sometimes do model calls.

These are not calls for actual models signed with agencies, my favourite kind of models are real women. Not just plus size, not just slim, and trim, not just camera ready or “photo-genic” – see I don’t believe in “your good side” or people being “photo-genic”. I show you what others see, what I see when I look at your beauty.

I did a model call and once again this stunner answered my call. I was so blessed to photograph this gorgeousness at Blue Diamond Boutique Hotel. The make up was once again done by my stunning Nadya from Blush Professional Make up.

We always have tons of fun and laughter on our shoots – and this was a particularly exciting and full of laughter shoot.

The reason we did this model call was for a special project, we created our very first boudoir video (this is now an add on to our collections).

What I want to show you, is that you are stunning the way you are. I want to show you what your husband sees.

Everyone of my published photographs are of clients who gave me permission. In order to keep showing you what I do, to show you my passion I do model calls.

You read right earlier when you saw the model calls are not for models.

I do them on a regular basis, sometimes I don’t even do a post for the model calls. If you would like to be a “model” pop us an email to info@vanillasilk.co.za so we can send you the information about how to become one of the beauties on my blog and portfolio.

I love shooting through chandeliers and other other objects that enhance photographs.
Perfect make up and perfect lips…. this is what I live for. Making women feel amazing

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