Raising kids, pleasing your clients and keeping sane.

This is another one for my fellow photographers, especially for the ones with little rugrats and energy sappers that we call children. Now please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids. I love them sooooo much I would give my life for them if it would insure their happiness. I do everything in my power to keep my kids happy and I try to keep the romance around for the sake of my hubby. BUT Vanilla Silk is my other child, it’s my other nagging kid that tugging at my leg to tell me that it needs attention. It’s jealous of the time I spend with my son and daughter and sometimes it just plain throws a tantrum demanding the attention that I have not been giving it.

This is my daily struggle, being a mom and a full time photographer. I do not do this as a hobby. This is my income, it is my job, it is my career. Vanilla Silk feeds my children and clothes my family. It also feeds my soul.

Finding a balance is super tough, I mean really super tough. Right now, as I am busy typing this my 6 month old monster is on my lap fast asleep (sleep regressions should be feared!), Kylar is only happy in my arms. It is emotionally draining and my business could be suffering because I am trying to be a great mom.

Many times when a client receives an email from me it is in the precious few moments I have in between Kylar screaming or Amy who needs help with her homework or needing me to make her lunch. Around comes 4pm and my husband FINALLY comes home. Which means I can finally ….. start cooking supper. After supper it is bath time at the zoo and bed time.

USUALLY I get 3 hours after 8pm to work and edit and market (because as a photographer you REALLY have to market your business) – but on nights like tonight I have no relief. Kylar needs to be on my lap and Amy only fell asleep at 9pm because she had a tough day (she is only in Grade 1 now).

Any ways, enter a difficult client and we have some very very tough times. LUCKILY I have amazing clients, my boudoir clients are amazing (probably because they know I have photos of them almost naked hehe) and my wedding clients have been just as amazing. Funny enough most client’s understand that I have children, I have been so worried about trying to be a mom and a good business woman. Sometimes you just need to trust that your client’s understand your situation.

You are not alone in this, raising a family and raising a business is tough!

And to my clients who may be reading this, I promise I am doing everything I can to stay on the ball (I might just take 5 mins longer to tell you how awesome your photos are).


Mommy to two cute kiddies

Wife to an amazing man and fellow photographer

Businesswoman and art maker


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