And we are live!

Welcome to the all brand spanking new Vanilla Silk!


We used to be phlux Photography but decided that we needed a new name to go with our gorgeous new website… or was it the other way around. We have been so busy that we don’t know what came first but we are finally here!!!


I sat for hours trying to come up with the right name for the type of photos we want to take, I ran through the craziest names you can think of and eventually fell in love with a combination of Vanilla and Silk. And so we started on this very new journey (when I say we, I mostly mean I but on the odd occasion my talented husband ever does decide to take photos he will probably be using my site too)

Nothing can be sexier than the thought of smelling vanilla while lying in silk sheets on a Sunday morning

The main focus for Vanilla Silk is to make women feel BEAUTIFUL. That is my happy place, the place where I get to make an insecure gorgeous woman finally see how amazingly stunning she really is. We will be having a few model calls in the new year that you do not want to miss out on.



We will still be working with our amazingly talented Natalie G to help our clients accentuate their key features and we have exciting new packages to share with you.



We are working on a beautiful studio that allows only the best light into the room.



Everyone can look this gorgeous! Theses photos were taken of every day beautiful women who have flaws like you and me.



If you don’t feel entirely up for a boudoir shoot just yet, give us a call anyway so that we can arrange a glamour shoot that you can proud to show your friends.



2016 is a year for change, for growth and for exploration. Join us on our journey!







Before I forget… Happy 2016! So many new things are happening this year! Especially with Vanilla Silk. You do not want to miss out on anything.


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