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Why I don’t give my unedited images or RAW files

Firstly there is a difference (in my eyes) to unedited images and RAW files. In my eyes a RAW file is my direct file from my camera in its RAW format, this is not in JPEG or PNG and it is quite large compared to other photos. It also needs a special program to open (especially when shooting with a Fujifilm camera like I do). An unedited image can also be in RAW format or it could be provided in JPEG – which can be sized.


I have noticed a trend where photographers are offering RAW files, and as trends go the general public requests it from other photographers too. Why can’t we all just give our unedited, raw images?


Well, I for one like to think that my finished product is what attracted you to my website. That you like my work, that includes all the editing I did to get the image to where it is now. If you want to see exactly why I cant give you my RAW images keep reading.

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Want to know what goes into our pricing?

Are you getting married soon and looking for a wedding photographer? If you have you are probably sitting with a few quotes that you need to decide on. Especially if you posted on social media for a wedding photographer.

Why is there such a big difference in wedding photography prices between professionals?

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Raising kids, pleasing your clients and keeping sane.

This is another one for my fellow photographers, especially for the ones with little rugrats and energy sappers that we call children. Now please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids. I love them sooooo much I would give my life for them if it would insure their happiness. I do everything in my power to keep my kids happy and I try to keep the romance around for the sake of my hubby. BUT Vanilla Silk is my other child, it’s my other nagging kid that tugging at my leg to tell me that it needs attention. It’s jealous of the time I spend with my son and daughter and sometimes it just plain throws a tantrum demanding the attention that I have not been giving it.

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