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Emma and Giuliano’s summer engagement photoshoot

Emma and Giuliano have this amazing spark between them, I was lucky enough to catch it a few times on camera.

We started off with family photos, with such a tight knit family it turned into a super fun mini family photo shoot. By the time we we were finished with the photos we were melting from the heat. Hartebeespoort in the summer is smelting hot.


The venue, French Toast in Harties, was perfect for Emma and Giuliano’s quirky romance and gave us tons of places to get some stunning photos. They have a bridge full of locks that you can engrave and secure to the side – throw away the key and your names are together forever. Such a sweet sentiment, just like the real thing in Paris.

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Chantal and Johann’s couple shoot

Chantal and Johann are the sweetest couple, I loved the genuine smiles I got from them with their shoot.

We did the shoot at multiple locations showing off their unique relationship with other, I will admit I am finding it hard to pick a favourite, you have a look and decide for yourself.

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