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The bravest woman ever, Angela… you have to read her story

This is Angela. She has cancer.

This is Angela. She is brave

This is Angela. She kind.

She doesn’t ever ask for anything

She is always smiling

She contacted me a few years ago wanting to do a boudoir shoot but she kept putting it off until she was happy with her body.

She contacted me again a few months ago asking for prices for a boudoir shoot, we got to talking and she told me she wants to do the shoot before her hair falls out and before her mastectomy.

I do a passion project a year for cancer, and no one deserves it more than Angela.

This was the main focus of our shoot. We wanted to create ONE piece that Angela could always look back on to remind herself how beautiful she is.
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Mother and daughter pose for Breast Cancer Awareness

I love the colour pink! I love that in October people show their support for breast cancer by dying their hair pink. I can’t dye my hair pink as I have dark brown hair and the hair dressers refuse to even try. BUT what I can do is a photo-shoot to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Jean-Mari contacted me with her mother’s story:

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