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A gorgeous session with lady Elize….

I cannot explain how utterly breath taking this woman is.

We started by discussing her likes and dislikes…. including her favourite colours.

Elize is an amazing photographer and is in-love with dandelions so we brought those elements into her shoot. She also has a killer sexy bike so we couldn’t exclude photos with her helmet.

Boudoir does not mean that we only take lingerie photos, Elize proves that ANY outfit is sexy.

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Alesia’s irresistible Boudoir

Oh my goodness me but did we have fun on Alesia’s photo-shoot.

She brought with accessories that made my heart swoon. I can’t actually put in words how stunning this girl is so I will let the photos do the talking.

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Sneak peek {Lady E’s GORGEOUS boudoir session}

I recently had a model call on Facebook, I needed to try out a few new poses and I have been DYING to have a curvy lady in my portfolio that I can show off.

Lady E is a mommy to two kids and runs her own business. She was selected to pose as my model for the day.

Here is a just a tiny teaser….


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