Domenique and Henry’s Maternity Photoshoot

Domenique found me on a mommy Facebook page and suggested we do the photo shoot at the same place that they got married (Toadbury Hall). What a special idea! This venue had so many places that made GORGEOUS photos.

Domenique and Henry were up for trekking all around the place with me, luckily I am pregnant too so I knew when it was getting to far.  Have a look at their amazing photos we took last month:

DSCF3886_1 DSCF4029-Edit DSCF4028-Edit DSCF4025-Edit DSCF4021 DSCF4015-Edit DSCF4007-Edit DSCF4005-Edit DSCF3992-Edit DSCF3985 DSCF3982 DSCF3979 DSCF3975-Edit DSCF3975 DSCF3973 DSCF3968 DSCF3964 DSCF3960 DSCF3958 DSCF3950 DSCF3940 DSCF3939 DSCF3938 DSCF3932 DSCF3926-Edit DSCF3925 DSCF3923 DSCF3922 DSCF3912 DSCF3906 DSCF3903 DSCF3901 DSCF3896 DSCF3892 DSCF3890 DSCF3888

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