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Magical Make Over {Shirley}

Gorgeous Shirley arrived at El Roi Professional Hair Salon at 9am on a Thursday morning. Being a mother of two very busy little boys Shirley doesn’t have time to feel beautiful, so on this particular Thursday morning Shirley was pampered with beautiful highlights and a new colour to make those gorgeous eyes pop!

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Boudoir Make Over {Kayla}

Kayla is one of my tattooed favourites! I took her photos for boudoir WAAAAY back when when I had just started out in boudoir but I couldn’t publish the pictures. Luckily Kayla is super down to earth so I was allowed to capture her gorgeousness again, and this time share it!

Make up by my most amazing Pink Hotness Beauty Boutique, go find her on Facebook!!!!!
How stunning is this girl!

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