Why I do what I do….. this one is for my boudoir clients

I have always admired the female form, the beauty of the curves and bumps that we were blessed with. Don’t get me wrong, a man’s body is interesting with it’s muscles and stuff but it is a woman’s body that can stop traffic or make a man weak in the knees.

Starting out, I wanted to be an all round photographer. Not specialising in anything and being a family, newborn,children,boudoir,couples and wedding photographer. My first boudoir photo-shoot was with my best friend, a gift for her husband. I did not know what I was getting myself into but I managed to pull it off. I was hooked! Boudoir was a calling I needed to answer.

The ladies I have photographed are each unique, each of them a beauty in her own right. I have not once had a client who I thought would not be a beautiful model for boudoir. I have photographed size 8 clients, size 10 clients, big breasted, small breasted, size 18 – 20 clients – I don’t have a preference as beauty does not discriminate.


I do have to let you in on a secret though…. I don’t like my body either, I have cellulite, I don’t like my breasts, my tummy wobbles and when I am not careful I have a double chin. Yes…. all these things kept me back from doing a boudoir shoot myself. Until my wedding day was fast approaching….

How can I tell my client’s to relax in a pretzel pose if I haven’t posed in it myself? Well, I got my camera out. Did all the settings and handed the camera to my mom. I told her where to stand and taught her how to focus with my camera.

I posed myself and by trial and error I facilitated my own boudoir shoot…. this is me…..


It really helps to push your tush out to the roof! I learnt how uncomfortable this pose actually is but my oh my was it worth the pain!

Also, I felt the most comfortable in a body suite like this one, and I chose blue to change things up a bit. You DON’T have to stick to white and black lingerie.


I have learnt so much just from the doing the shoot myself!

Here are some tips for my future boudoir client’s:

Worried about your tummy?IMG_1060-Edit-10

  • I will pose you in the most flattering positions but if you want to feel comfortable purchase outfits that cover your tummy and even help with pulling those little bits in
  • Bring some T shirts and Jersey’s with to the shoot, I can still make you look sexy without showing everything
  • I do some minor editing and skin softening but I will remove any stretchmarks (at your request) should you not be happy with them being on the photos




WIMG_0370-Editorried about your breasts?

  • Push Up Bras!!!! They are my saving grace. I also give you a few tips on the day on how to maximize your gorgeous bumps
  • I do not take any ‘topless’ photos without your consent or your request. The level of nudity is completely up to you
  •  Body suites and corsets are also amazing for smaller breasted ladies (if it your concern)
  • I also help you pose so that we what you have already been blessed with.




Worried about Cellulite?

  • What cellulite? My camera doesn’t see cellulite! Really, it doesn’t even capture it! Smart light and smart angles take care of that!
  • Should any cellulite surface (highly unlikely) I have a Photoshop programme to zap it!


  • Wrinkles are part of who you are, while I do soften wrinkles I won’t remove them as they show your life. Your moments are reflected in those life lines. Your smiles, your joys, your worries.
  • If they bother you terribly you can arrange a special edit with me and I can reduce them

Worried about the world seeing your photos?

  • I do not publish ANYTHING without your permission. Your photos will not be on any online platform, unless you allow me to. I would really love it if you allow me to publish your photos though.


If you have ever wanted a boudoir shoot, but you were too afraid, I hope this has helped you feel a bit better. If you are still worried, meet me for coffee so we can connect, if you don’t click with me and don’t want the shoot at least you got a yummy cup of coffee out of the meeting.


Lots of love




5 Comments Why I do what I do….. this one is for my boudoir clients

  1. Rene Dohse March 1, 2016 at 08:18

    Jean. This is fantastic enjoy it. And Ican only say GO LADIES GO.

  2. Cheryl van Heeden March 1, 2016 at 16:29

    Your photos are gorgeous and look very natural.

    1. Jean March 1, 2016 at 20:24

      Thank you so much Cheryl. I live to show the beauty that already exists.

  3. Alida Heine April 7, 2016 at 16:34

    Hi Jean, I think your work is remarkable and I loved your story about how you got to where you are now. I am a new photographer still learning the ropes and need a LOT of information to steer me in the right direction. I am a young 54, owner of my own business, but have grown the business to a point where I can have my hands looser and want to be more creative. As photography has been in my family since I can remember, I have joined a photography school in Cape Town in the beginning of 2015 and I am about halfway down my advanced course, hoping to finish this around July/August. I do feel that I want to focus on one or two areas and become really good at that, in stead of rushing from one insignificant shoot to another, not really developing as photographer. I really like the idea of boudoir photography but sometimes I feel a little insecure and I know that it is showing. Clients would obviously not want to pose of be photographed by someone who appears to be insecure. Can you give me some tuition, or ever better, would you be willing to assist me with one or more one-on-one “workshops” or sessions?

    1. Jean April 8, 2016 at 18:43

      Hi Alida

      I have popped you an email 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment!



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