The benefits of a Cleopatra Milk Bath

There was a massive phase with milk bath photography recently, so yes I am a tad behind and I decided to do my very own milk bath series. But with me being who I am I was not content with just any milk bath, I had to do a Cleopatra milk bath. Afterall, Cleopatra is the queen of milk baths.  I started searching for the perfect Cleopatra and it took a while. This gorgeous lady contacted me and we got the most AMAZING photos from the session.

You will recall I did a mermaid milk bath and a blue milk bath recently, this is the latest edition to my milk bath series.

How to bath in your very own milk bath mixture:

1-2 cups of milk

1/2 cup of honey

I used 2 litres of milk in the tub with some coffee creamer for my Cleopatra. She could not stop talking about how soft her skin was after the shoot.

Make up by the talented Salome Odendaal from Pink Hotness Beauty Boutique.

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