Pretoria Boudoir with Stunning Jackie

A Pretoria Boudoir with stunning Jackie at De La Mas venue.

This is a previous boudoir we did

Jackie and I come a long way, I have done a few boudoirs for her and every time I looove the shoot. Our next one we have planned is an outdoor one. I can’t wait to do that one!

Jackie is a very talented make up artist and nail technician but her specialty is lashes. She does the most amazing lashes. Her business name is Perfectly Polished Beauty Emporium in Pretoria East.

We decided to try a bath shoot and an impromptu outdoorsy shoot. Like I mentioned we will be doing a proper outdoor one soon!

What I love most about this shoot is that it wasn’t all just lingerie, we got to be creative with shirts, skirts and fishnet stockings.

I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I do!

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