Miku and Gumi : Cosplay Boudoir {Sneak peek}

I married a geek, I was geeky before but he opened my eyes to new levels of geekiness.

One of the things Werner introduced me to was cosplay. The amount of time and effort people put into making their favourite characters come to life. I wanted to combine two of my favourite things and decided to do a cosplay boudoir.

This is Miku and Gumi (two anime characters)

14812c6fd759b8753665e1d25dba4d51 miku_and_gumi_by_catgirl0926 miku_and_gumi_heart_by_lele_miku-d5er96l

Two lovely ladies contacted me and we got to spend the morning cosplaying these two cuties:

Cosplay boudoir South Africa

Cosplay boudoir Gauteng

Cosplay boudoir Pretoria

Keep an eye on the blog for the full post.

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