Looking back on 2015 – Boudoir

I could not have asked for a more amazing year when it comes to boudoir. I have been blessed by the most AMAZING clients who have truly taken my breath away.

I have photographed 20 beautiful ladies who trusted their insecurities with me and I saw how truly beautiful each lady truly is.

It’s not about seducing men. It’s about embracing womanhood.Dita Von Teese

Here are just some of the highlights of my year (all provided with the clients’ consent of course).










Beautiful Mrs N, this was a surprise anniversary gift for her husband, I had an amazing time taking photos of this mother of 2 (can you believe it?)



















Mrs A totally blew me away with her beauty, she doesn’t even know how beautiful she is. She has an amazing personality too so she is pretty much an all rounder.











Shan, oh where do I even begin with this gorgeous woman?  Pictures speak louder than words, this amazing lady oozes sex appeal.






I have so many fond memories of Ashleigh’s shoot. She walked into the room very apprehensive and with a gown on. Our first couple of photos were only with the gown and then this amazing thing happened….. Ashleigh got her confidence and we started getting AMAZING images from the shoot.



















I do my very best to make each shoot as enjoyable as possible for each one of my clients. Each client is different so each client gets treated differently. Ashleigh is not a professional model, nor has she ever done a boudoir shoot before. She absolutely ROCKED it!










Jeanne is not only a gorgeous woman but she is an engineer too! A stunningly attractive woman with brains? This girl has it all going for her, and what a sweetheart too! The shoot was a challenge, as it isn’t your usual boudoir in underwear shoot, Jeanne brought some awesome pencil skirts and gorgeous swimwear for me to play with.






Mrs A contacted me for a boudoir shoot at her home and when I got there I was totally blown away by the lingerie choices,

















in the end one of my favourite shots is of her in her husband’s work shirts. What an exotic beauty!



















Wendy is one of those people you can’t help but to love. She is so full of energy and so bubbly.




She is an air-hostess  for a private airline and travels the world, and you would think with those looks and the job that she would be anything but down to earth, she completely shocked me.




















Wendy’s shoot was the first in my official boudoir online series that I did, her shoot is extra special to me as I was doubting my ability as a photographer and didn’t know where to go from where I was.



After Wendy’s shoot I realised I want to specialise in Boudoir photography. She will always have a very special spot in my heart.



















I put my heart and soul into my boudoir photography, you don’t just get a photo shoot but you get a little piece of me too.



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