Cosplay Boudoir anyone? Meet Miku and Gumi

I posted a sneak peak  a while ago with Miku and Gumi’s shoot, FINALLY I am ready to share a normal edit of the shoot. I am working on a more artistic approach but for now I am super happy with the results!

Just in case you forgot who Miku and Gumi are…. look how cute they are!

4c64aaf42055b30c92e64a0ccf1c5fff miku_and_gumi_heart_by_lele_miku-d5er96l miku_and_gumi_by_catgirl0926

And here the gorgeous ladies are!

Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0018 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0017 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0016 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0015 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0014 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0013 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0012 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0011 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0010 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0009 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0008 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0007 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0006 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0005 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0004 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0003 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0002 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0001 Vanilla Silk_Cosplay_0000

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