Charne’s Beautiful Maternity Boudoir Photo Shoot

Charne is an absolutely gorgeous mommy to be. I fell in love with her purple hair and doll face.

I can’t begin to explain how much I enjoyed enjoyed editing this shoot.

Thank you to Make up by Marushka for the beautiful make up!

DSCF3283-Edit DSCF3284-Edit DSCF3288 DSCF3293 DSCF3302-Edit DSCF3309-Edit DSCF3312-Edit DSCF3314-Edit DSCF3318-Edit DSCF3323-Edit DSCF3325-Edit DSCF3333-Edit DSCF3349-Edit DSCF3350-Edit DSCF3357-Edit DSCF3359-Edit DSCF3363-Edit DSCF3366-Edit DSCF3371-Edit DSCF3372-Edit DSCF3378 DSCF3382

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