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Wendy and Percy Couples Boudoir Photoshoot

I did a boudoir photoshoot for Wendy back when I was just starting out as a boudoir photographer. We became fast friends, if you know Wendy you will know why. She is so super bubbly and totally makes a room light up with her laugh.

Then Wendy met Percy, and I saw the romance blossoming. Percy is totally head over heels in love with Wendy and it shows in these photos. After the couples boudoir photoshoot we moved onto a less naked shoot (not often I ask my clients to put their clothes back on hehe). We did an edgy rocknroll photoshoot in basement. I LOVE the outcome!

Salome (from Pink Hotness Beauty Boutique) met us and ofcourse/as usual supplied stunning make up for again

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Chantal and Johann’s couple shoot

Chantal and Johann are the sweetest couple, I loved the genuine smiles I got from them with their shoot.

We did the shoot at multiple locations showing off their unique relationship with other, I will admit I am finding it hard to pick a favourite, you have a look and decide for yourself.

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Miku and Gumi : Cosplay Boudoir {Sneak peek}

I married a geek, I was geeky before but he opened my eyes to new levels of geekiness.

One of the things Werner introduced me to was cosplay. The amount of time and effort people put into making their favourite characters come to life. I wanted to combine two of my favourite things and decided to do a cosplay boudoir.

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